Lónkot‘s cuisine is based on local ingredients such as herbs, flowers and other edible grasses along with fresh fish and meat from Skagafjörður bay. Lónkot has for many years followed the guiding principles of Slow Food International. We grow our own salad and use everything edible we can think of from our surroundings. We proudly offer our guests tasty, nutritious and beautiful seasonal dishes. A cuisine that fills your stomach and soul.

"I am gold and glory, 
a loving gilded treasure.
I am a gem and jewel, 
The Lord’s equal measure."

This is how the vagabond and naive artist, Sölvi Helgason (1820-1895), described himself in a verse. He never doubted his own genius and believed that he was the foremost authority on art, science, history, debate and eloquence. To fit his stature, he decided to call himself “Solon Islandus”. He was born at Fjall, a farm near by Lónkot. In 1995 Lónkot unveiled a monument of Sölvi by Gestur Þorgrímsson. In Lónkot‘s restaurant are prints of his work on display.